My Lululemon Collection

Ok...I am relatively new to LLL. I bought my first item last November and it has been downhill from there. I am starting to slow down, now that I have more than enough pants, crops, jackets, and tanks. I have had "fixes" where I would buy nothing but pants or tanks at a time....lately it has been sweaters and jackets since fall has rolled around. I definitely think I have enough of every category, so my future purchases won't be as extreme. From now on, I'm just going to buy the occasional piece and hope to limit it to once a month (if that).

Clockwise from top left: Right round pants, bliss break sweats, track to reality (forgot to add soot light studio pants). Tall pace setters skirts. WAFS white speed shorts and some black booty shorts (outlet, forgot name). Inkblot and inkwell pinstripe WUs. WAFS inkwell and black inspires and WAFS white pacesetter crops.

My unicorn in the collection is definitely my inkblot WUs. My yoga studio in Charleston was an affiliate and carried LLL. One day they pulled out old LLL items like light flash WUs. They had one pair of inkblot in a sz4 and they were still priced at $68....definitely a steal. I'll probably get rid of them at one point since I don't practice yoga much up here.

Clockwise from top left: Short and LS swiftlys. Scuba hoodies (I only get printed scubas). Bliss break jacket and forme jackets. DSJs. Exhalation pullovers and chai pullover.

Clockwise from top left: LLL various bras. CRBs and frond swiftly tank. No Limits tanks. Other Shelf bra tanks. 105 singlet.

I think my absolute favorite item is my inkwell WAFS. I even got them in a sz 4 (I wear sz 6 for luxtreme) at the time, and they are really opaque. I can wear any color of undies and they don't show. The cut is really flattering and the color is unique.

I have a weakness for WAFS prints. I have bought most of the items that came out in neutral colors. I like solid CRBs, because I wear them as basics tanks under my clothes. I try not to get too crazy patterns because I want to be able to wear it with several color combinations. I try not to buy something if I can only wear it with one color.

I stopped buying bra tops since I don't go to yoga as much. I still keep them because they are good for summer runs when it is hot out, but they are little too skimpy for my really conservative gym at work (which is also why I have been buying more jackets so I'm not running around in tank tops).

So yeah....pretty bad over the last 9-10 months. I work 12-16 hour days and take the metro to work, so I don't wear too much casual clothes lately. I really don't buy that much non-LLL unless its a nice dress for dinner. My brain is fried when I'm done with the day, I just want to be be comfortable. When I'm not at work, I'm playing golf, running, or working there's not much free time for anything else.

I find humor in the fact I can drop $100 for a pair of yoga pants, but cringe if my jeans are over $100. A $200 dress may look great, but I would only wear it a handful of times before its either out of date or I'm tired of it. I used to have a ton of Nike tanks and shorts to work out in, but I couldn't really get by with running around town, doing errands with them. There have been many times where I have worn a LLL top and jacket, thrown on some skinny jeans for the grocery store, and the change back to a pair of crops for the gym. I wouldn't want to ONLY wear LLL, but it does help me look not as sloppy when I just want to be lazy and comfortable...and still look cute :).