Four casual ways to wear your Vinyasa scarf....

Alright, I think I finally started to decipher Lululemon's Vinyasa scarf. Without getting too crazy with the combinations, I created four casual ways to wear your Vinyasa scarf.....

The first outfit is a casual-sneaker look with the Vinyasa scarf worn as a wrap. I snapped the snaps around my torso and let the material drape across my back. This wrap style looks the best with tees and tanks, but not loose tops since the wrap is billowy. Try some casual sneaks for a comfy on-the-go day.

The next outfit is a vest and boots look with the Vinyasa scarf worn as a vest. The snaps are the same as the first in this look but the material in the back is placed directly behind the neck. This vest style looks the best with form fitted tees and long sleeve tops. Tanks make the vest look bulky and awkward. Try throwing on some slouchy mid-calf boots for a relaxed look.

The following outfit is a classic blazer and white tee look with the Vinyasa scarf worn as a looped scarf. The snaps on each end are snapped together to created a continuous loop and wrapped twice around the neck. The double loop is easy to look bulky, but you can play with the material to flatten it out.  For a dressier look, try a structured blazer with dark jeans and ballet flats.

The last outfit is a cozy, relaxed sweater look with the Vinyasa scarf worn as a muffler. The scarf is similar to the double loop, but the snaps are unsnapped at one end. The open ends are placed on front and back of the shoulder and the remaining material is looped again around the neck. Since this look is voluminous, it looks best when you are not wearing a jacket or a blazer.  Try wearing it with your favorite tee or long sleeve shirt and pair it with your favorite slip-ons or oxford shoes.

So that's four casual wears to wear your Lulu, what's your favorite way to wear your scarf?

Check out Lululemon's adorable video on 10 different ways to wear their Vinyasa scarf....I'm now inspired to create more options!